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The "Heart of the St. John Valley."

The Greater Madawaska area is well known for its friendly people and great hospitality. Serving as the center of Acadian culture in Maine.

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The Public Works Department takes care of the Town’s road and culvert maintenance, flushing out sewer lines, fix fallen traffic signs, pot holes and paint-striping. What used to be the work of sixteen men has been cut down to nine with the on-going budget cuts. Not only do they take care of all Town-road related issues throughout all four seasons, they have 2 mechanics who are in charge of all Town Department vehicle and equipment maintenance, besides the school buses.

$1.2 million of tax money is used for road maintenance, the rest of the related costs are paid for through grants. This year they will start in on Phase 4 of the Combined Sewer Overflow Project which is replacing sewer lines. This team of hard workers is run by Public Works Director, Kevin Dube. Mr. Dube has been an employee of the Public Works Department since 2001. Mr. Dube and the rest of the Public Works Department employees work tirelessly to keep up with road maintenance and are always appreciative to the community members who keep them informed. It is difficult to see every problem so please call the Maintenance Department to let them know of dangerous potholes, fallen signs, or other road maintenance issues.

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